About OCHIN’s Broadband Network Services:

We believe that every patient deserves access to the best possible health care, regardless of where he or she lives. That’s why OCHIN is proud to offer solutions for network connectivity—because with a reliable, scalable, and robust broadband infrastructure, the path to integrated Health IT solutions is wide open.

The Vision of An OCHIN Network

OCHIN Pathway

Imagine a nationwide health care system connecting rural and urban hospitals and clinics across the country.

Imagine a point in time where the terms “urban” and “rural” no longer represent whether or not a community has access to quality health care, education, and workforce development opportunities.

Imagine a robust and trusted national health care network that is scalable, affordable, and secure with high speed and reliable connectivity options.

This is the vision, purpose, and driving force behind the broadband and connectivity solutions OCHIN offers.

The Power of a Network

Being part of our network means joining a community of health care providers and industry leaders committed to integrated, patient-centered care for all.

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Video Conferencing Solution:

Selecting the right hardware and software for your organization’s video conferencing requirements is important.

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