OCHIN’s data comes from a variety of Health IT systems that support the activities of our members.


What makes us unique?

We know how to do claims and clinical data, and have over 15 years experience under our belt.
These HIT systems include:

  • Practice management systems that support billing and enrollment functions
  • EHRs that support the management of patient information at the point of care
  • Various custom interfaces (e.g., labs, radiology, etc.)
The data sets contain all levels of information and a user-friendly interface environment that includes detailed, custom reports and canned, aggregate reports. All data exchanges are governed by agreements that are compliant with applicable laws and regulations governing protected health information.

Data Aggregation Tools & Analytics

OCHIN’s data warehouse is tailored to a health care environment, making the accurate measurement of clinical and operational variables straightforward and allowing the ability to compare metrics across different organizations without the need for complicated audits.

OCHIN uses proprietary data aggregation, decision support, business intelligence, and quality improvement tools so that users can:

  • Conduct panel management and public health review and reporting
  • Facilitate Health IT systems to support data aggregation and use
It is through this skill set in EHR implementation and hosting that we were able to provide both the tools and the training to help practices understand where they are now, how they compare with others, and where they want to go—no matter what EHR they are using.

With OCHIN’s improvement and collaboration tools, our members can better understand performance across any community, regardless of the specific hardware and software products being used. Our data warehousing and benchmarking solutions are easy-to-use, comprehensive, and provide a performance system that is specifically designed for harvesting data from multiple sources and organizing that data into meaningful information. With these tools, we provide practices and their clinical and executive leaders with a balanced scorecard, providing useful information across multiple departments and disciplines.

The Acuere QOL Solution

Acuere QOL is a quality improvement system that provides organizations with a robust platform to address the needs of the Triple Aim goals:
  • Health Care Quality Improvement
  • Population Health Management
  • Revenue and Cost Optimization
Acuere QOL offers a scalable infrastructure that facilitates the aggregation of data across electronic health record (EHR) and practice management systems platforms with the intention of expanding beyond the data traditionally captured in EHRs.