OCHIN Releases MyChart Text Activation for Epic Users

By Melinda Fulmer

OCHIN routinely solicits feedback from our members to understand how we can improve MyChart activation and utilization.  We listened and we learned.  You need an activation method that is simple and easy to use (for clinic staff AND patients); quick enough to do during rooming; and doesn’t require extra devices in your exam rooms.

  As part of the April Service Pack, OCHIN has released MyChart Text Activation.  This new activation method is the fastest, most efficient way to sign up patients who have a smartphone.

The basic steps for Text Activation are as follows:

    1. Staff member will send an activation link during rooming
    2. Patient clicks on the link and fills out the following:
      1. Name and DOB (no SSN needed!)
      2. Create a password
      3. Security Question and Answer
    3. Patient Clicks ‘Submit’ and they are ACTIVATED!


Member Testimonial:

 “In the past, we struggled with having to make sure there were extra laptops or computers, sending the code, and entering in a bunch of information and it was taking too much time. We also struggled with the patient taking the information home on their AVS and forgetting to sign up.

Now, we simply text the patient and they can open it right from their phone! It has allowed 70% of the patients we have sent texts to, to be successfully activated prior to leaving the clinic. Text activation has allowed quick and easy signup and better adoption with users, as it’s already “in the palm of their hand.””


  To get started, submit a JIRA requesting MyChart Text Activation or reach out to Melinda Fulmer to discuss the MyChart Activation functionality.