Making OCHIN Resources Inclusive and Accessible

By Anne Parmeter, Curriculum Developer It’s time to look at how we can disseminate our training for the modern workforce, using technology effectively rather than as a workaround. Can we honestly say that our remote attendees are getting as impactful of a training experience as our in-person attendees? How many … Continued

Building the Foundation for Population Health at OCHIN

By Erin Barringer-Sterner, Director of Population Health and Analytics With our Epic Healthy Planet implementation kickoff just around the corner, OCHIN’s population health team and analytics team has been building the foundation for a robust toolset that places the power to impact health outcomes in your hands. The following is … Continued

MyChart Resources Available for Epic Members on Ella, OCHIN’s LMS

By Ben Pierson, Program Manager The use of a patient portal like MyChart allows patients to more fully engage with their own health care, creates easier communication between patient and provider, and helps clinics and providers qualify for related incentives like Meaningful Use. The OCHIN Epic Training Team is hard … Continued

OCHIN Seeks New Members to Join Our Patient Engagement Panel (PEP)

By Tiffany Prescott, Research Coordinator OCHIN is seeking new members to join our Patient Engagement Panel (PEP). The OCHIN PEP is a group of people who are interested in research and the way it involves and impacts patients. This group meets for updates, training, socializing, and to discuss patient experiences, … Continued

CMS Closed-loop Referral: OCHIN Ahead of the Curve

By Ben Pierson, Program Manager, Interoperability and Health Information Exchange The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have defined an objective around closed-loop referrals (1). The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is considering adopting the CMS measure for inclusion with their UDS reporting requirements in the future (2). Closing … Continued

Back on Track: Understanding Pain Management in Oregon and California

By Mary Frances Ritchie, Research Associate Policies that address opioid prescribing practices vary by state and often involve complex approaches for improving pain management for patients. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) “5-Point Strategy” wants to ensure better pain management, from payments to prescribing guidelines. As a … Continued

NextGen PM/EHR and Clinical Templates Upgrades a Success

By Susanne Mauney, Director of NextGen Operations OCHIN’s hosted NextGen customers are now live on NextGen’s 5.9 Enterprise PM/EHR and 8.4 Clinical Templates. This is the first time NextGen has issued an upgrade that includes upgrades for both application and clinical templates at the same time.  This version of NextGen is … Continued