Research Roundup: May 2018 Publications

By William JA Pinnock

This May brought us sunshine, blooming flowers, and, best of all, five brand new research publications!

The OCHIN Research team is excited to share the learnings from the following newly published manuscripts, which explore issues central to community health centers. The articles published this month feature:

  • The implementation of health insurance support tools
  • Why and how we can advance social prescribing
  • The effects of aging out of public health insurance
  • A description of the new patients that are utilizing community health centers

Implementation of Health Insurance Support Tools in Community Health Centers
Authors: Nathalie Huguet, Brigit Hatch, Aleksandra Sumic, Carrie Tillotson, Elisabeth Hicks, Joan Nelson, Jennifer DeVoe
Journal: Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Published in the Implementation Science special edition of the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM), this article comes out of the CATCH-UP project. CATCH-UP is a collaboration between OCHIN and OHSU Family Medicine that explores the use of HIT tools to improve insurance coverage rates in community health centers. In this article, Dr. Huguet and the CATCH-UP team present early findings, strategies used, and clinic reflections on the development and implementation of new HIT tools designed to streamline and improve health insurance tracking. Read the full article, here.

Advancing Social Prescribing with Implementation Science
Authors: Laura Gottlieb, Erika Cottrell, Brian Park, Khaya Clark, Rachel Gold, Caroline Fichtenberg
Journal: Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

In our second article published in the special edition of JABFM, Dr. Laura Gottlieb and the ASSESS & DO and ASCEND project teams discuss the importance of social prescribing in addressing social determinants of health. The authors present study examples, gaps in the existing literature, and possible next steps to evaluate the feasibility of social prescribing. Read the full article, here.

Electronic Health Record Tools to Assist with Children’s Health Insurance Coverage: A Mixed Methods Study
Authors: Jennifer DeVoe, Megan Hoopes, Christine Nelson, Deborah Cohen, Aleksandra Sumic, Jennifer Hall, Heather Angier, Miguel Marino, Jean O’Malley, & Rachel Gold
Journal: BMC Health Services Research

OCHIN and OHSU Family Medicine are proud to announce the publication of the results paper from the IMPACCT study. The IMPACCT study examined the use of EHR-based HIT tools to assist with maintaining insurance coverage for children insured by Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The project was the first funded study by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to go through their peer review process and was one of the first OCHIN Research projects. A full report of these findings will soon be available on the PCORI website, but until then, head over to BMC Health Services Research to read about the results, here.

  A Cohort Study of Public Health Insurance Coverage Loss among Oregon Adolescents
Authors: Heather Angier, Carrie Tillotson, Lorraine Wallace, Miguel Marino, Jean O’Malley, Aleksandra Sumic, Lynn Baker, Christine Nelson, Nathalie Huguet, Andrew Suchocki, Heather Holderness, Jennifer DeVoe.
Journal: Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice

The Affordable Care Act implemented provisions allowing for extended parental coverage for individuals on private insurance transitioning from adolescence to young adulthood, yet this was not included for those on public health insurance. This made members of the CATCH-UP and PACE team wonder, “What is happening with those public health recipients when they reach the cut off age?” This article explores that question by examining public health recipients from 18 to 19 and what those rates looked like one year after recipients’ 19th birthday. This paper’s findings also suggest the importance that community health centers play for young adults in maintaining insurance. Read the full article, here.

Impacts of the Affordable Care Act on Community Health Centers: Characteristics of New Patients and Early Changes in Delivery of Care
Authors: Brigit Hatch, Ning Smith, MaryAnn McBurnie, Thu Quach, Ken Mayer, MJ Dunne, Erika Cottrell
Journal: Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), community health centers saw an increase in new patients. But who are these patients?  To answer that, OCHIN and members of CHARN explored the EHR to gain new insights into the characteristics of these new patients. Read the full article, here.

  We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about what we are exploring in the Research department and stay tuned, we will have plenty more exciting discoveries to share soon. If you have any questions, please contact William Pinnock.