Released: OCHIN’s Fiscal Year End 2017 Annual Report

Annual Report 2017 Blog Post

OCHIN is excited to share with our members, partners, and staff the Fiscal Year End 2017 Annual Report. Below is an excerpt from our report, which begins with a letter from our CEO, Abby Sears.

    In 2017, despite the many challenges our nation is facing, and specific concerns about funding and the future of health care reform, we saw OCHIN member clinics persevere. OCHIN research has shown that member clinics have not only increased access and dramatically improved overall health outcomes for millions of our country’s most underserved, they demonstrated better outcomes than the industry average when patient complexity is considered. They accomplished this while piloting value based payment programs, forming Accountable Care Organizations, testing new models of care, and collecting the data needed to act on their patients’ social determinants of health. We are deeply honored to partner with our members in support of their critically important work.

    OCHIN strives to improve and deepen the ways we support our member clinics. During this past year, we enhanced our telehealth and broadband network offering through our acquisition of California Telehealth Network. We added a NextGen offering by integrating two health IT services companies, Voxent and PTSO, into OCHIN. We’re also doing more work in partnership with other networks of clinics. In other good news, in 2017 OCHIN ranked #8 in Oregon Business Magazine’s “100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon.” We feel this was a clear sign that what we are doing, matters.

    Looking forward to 2018, we will remain focused on patient care coordination, improving access to care, and supporting clinic efficiency efforts. OCHIN will also be focused on acquiring Medicaid data to support total cost of care analysis and the creation of efficient community virtual care networks. We will continue our advocacy efforts at the state and federal level by advancing the national health policy conversations with our research findings, conducted in collaboration with member clinics and national partners.

    Thank you for all that you have accomplished in 2017. While we know there will be challenges in the year ahead, OCHIN remains committed to finding new and better ways to support the important work our members are accomplishing in underserved communities across the nation.

Click here to view a PDF of the 2017 Annual Report.