Released: OCHIN’s Fiscal Year End 2015 Annual Report

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OCHIN is excited to share with our members, partners, and staff the Fiscal Year End 2015 Annual Report. Below is an excerpt from our report, which begins with a letter from our CEO, Abby Sears.

    Over the past year, we in health care have risen to the challenge of the many changes affecting our industry. Fortunately, in the current health care landscape, opportunities to build stronger, more resilient primary care, public health, and mental health care delivery systems continue to present themselves. Safety net clinics across the country are thriving, and many of you are seeing more patients and providing more services than ever before. We admire and respect your tireless efforts to serve your communities.

    Change is often necessary to thrive, and we understand how challenging this road has been. We appreciate and acknowledge the “change fatigue” that often accompanies your work; this includes balancing the competing priorities of our industry with those of providing exceptional care for your communities and being stewards and advocates for our patients. If we stay the course, the path will lead to better care for some of our most vulnerable patients.

    Overall, I’m happy to report that outcomes are improving, and access to higher quality, integrated health care is on the rise. You are all driving these impressive outcomes, and I am proud to work with each and every one of you.

    Thank you for all that you do.

Click Here To View a PDF of the 2015 Annual Report.