Building the Foundation for Population Health at OCHIN

By Erin Barringer-Sterner, Director of Population Health and Analytics

With our Epic Healthy Planet implementation kickoff just around the corner, OCHIN’s population health team and analytics team has been building the foundation for a robust toolset that places the power to impact health outcomes in your hands. The following is an update on our progress toward implementing these EHR-based population health applications.

Guided by a Framework

The Quadruple Aim (1) framework is an approach to improving health outcomes through a concurrent focus on four key areas: improving the health of patient populations, reducing the per-capita cost of providing care, enhancing patients’ experience of care, and improving the provider experience. To achieve the Quadruple Aim, healthcare organizations often orient their work around patient and provider engagement, access, and value, which provide important bridges between these concepts.

Quadruple Aim - Small Visualizing the Quadruple Aim of healthcare improvement

OCHIN understands the importance of providing members with a robust toolset that allows you to identify patient populations and quantify the impact of your efforts in improving care and outcomes. By shifting our focus to EHR-specific tools that integrate directly with Epic and NextGen, we seek to empower you to reduce the cost of value-based care delivery while improving clinical quality, patient experience, and operational efficiency through real-time, data-rich analytics.

Building the Foundation

At the core of our population health and analytics work are two powerful applications, Epic Healthy Planet and NextGen Population Health Solutions.
Epic Healthy Planet
OCHIN’s population health and analytics team has been preparing for its Healthy Planet implementation kick-off with Epic next month (September 2018). This summer, four OCHIN staff pursued the Healthy Planet certification training track at Epic’s headquarters in Verona, WI; and, three more OCHIN staff are completing self-study Healthy Planet proficiencies. This team of OCHINites will be working elbow-to-elbow with Epic’s implementation team over the coming months to build Healthy Planet’s core functionality, including the following tools: PHA2 Later, once these elements are in place, we will move to additional phases that entail external data, such as claims and patient satisfaction, and advanced analytics and risk stratification methodologies. PHA3Overview of the phased approach of OCHIN’s Epic Healthy Planet implementation

NextGen Population Health Solutions
This summer, OCHIN and HealthPoint CHC, an OCHIN-hosted NextGen member, have been working with NextGen to implement the Population Health Solutions application. We have made steady progress over the past few months in this work, and the project team is now embarking on the data validation phase.

Success Through Collaboration

We are excited to introduce the OCHIN membership to the powerful new tools tucked inside OCHIN’s population health applications very soon! Along the way, we will be providing updates and seeking your feedback at the new Analytics and Quality Measures Workgroup, launching in September. This workgroup realigns three previous groups (Population Health & Analytics CORC, Regulatory Workflows/Reporting Workgroup, and Epic Reporting Workgroup) into one cohesive session focused on providing the key information you need around analytics, reporting, and population health. We value your feedback in this work and look forward to engaging with you soon! For more information, please contact Erin Barringer-Sterner (, Director of Population Health & Analytics

(1) The IHI Triple Aim framework, on which the Quadruple Aim is based, was developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Cambridge, Massachusetts (