OCHIN Releases Updated EHR Frameworks for Planned Parenthood Affiliates

By Susanne Mauney

OCHIN released the latest custom EHR Frameworks for Planned Parenthood affiliates on May 24, 2018. This release allows Planned Parenthood affiliates to upgrade to NextGen’s 5.9 and 8.4 release, while continuing to use the custom content and development they are familiar with, from OCHIN. The new release includes over 100 new enhancements from OCHIN, as well as some new NextGen functionality, including spell check in the EHR.

The May 24 release can be downloaded from the OCHIN FTP site and used by any Planned Parenthood affiliate that is already on our prior custom frameworks release version 9.1. For Planned Parenthood affiliates that are still operating on our earlier version 8.1, we are currently working on a special build that will allow you to upgrade to the new release and the 5.9 and 8.4 platform directly, without having to do a separate UD3 upgrade. We will notify you when this release version is available.

This summer we will begin working on our second release of 2018, which will be version 10.2, and will also be built on the 5.9 and 8.4 platform. We are sticking with the 5.9 and 8.4 platform so that affiliates do not need to plan for another upgrade this year. In our 10.2 release we plan to consider the optional Medical Standards and Guidelines changes for 2018, as well as enhancements to better support gender affirming hormone therapy for transgender patients.

Our next Strategic Updates meeting for Planned Parenthoods is July 12, hosted on WebEx. To request access to the meeting, or if you have any questions, please contact Susanne Mauney.