Making OCHIN Resources Inclusive and Accessible

By Anne Parmeter, Curriculum Developer

It’s time to look at how we can disseminate our training for the modern workforce, using technology effectively rather than as a workaround. Can we honestly say that our remote attendees are getting as impactful of a training experience as our in-person attendees? How many of us have had the experiencing of dialing in to training, only to be forgotten about, muted, or kept in literal darkness if the host didn’t feel like turning on the webcam?

OCHIN Learning Institute is currently working to get the right content in front of the right people, when they want it, in a format that they can hear, see, and understand.

Several ways that OCHIN is working to improve the accessibility learning resources include:

  • Creating a standard for trainings and meetings that will include the use of webcams. Attendees being able to see each other increases engagement and comprehension in the topic. Also, remote attendees can raise their hands when they want to jump into the conversation, and can see who is speaking.
  • OCHIN is gradually transitioning in-person-only courses into online courses.
  • The new OCHIN LMS has improved searchability! Users can now more easily find the resources they are seeking.
  • OCHIN is researching ways to caption courses for the hearing impaired. We are currently captioning new courses moving forward, and are looking at ways to caption existing content on Ella, upon request.

Stay tuned for more courses to come on Ella, the OCHIN LMS. And please reach out if you have suggestions for ways that we can improve the accessibility of training content.

If you have any questions, please contact Anne Parmeter, Curriculum Developer on the Training Team at OCHIN.