OCHIN Prepares to Implement Epic’s Healthy Planet in Late 2018

By Erin Barringer-Sterner

Earlier this year, OCHIN announced exciting plans to implement Healthy Planet, Epic’s population health management and accountable care module. With robust elements like registries, risk stratification, benchmarking, analytics, and patient outreach, Healthy Planet offers a powerful, integrated toolset to help the OCHIN collaborative improve quality and decrease the cost of care for our patient populations. The following is a quick glimpse into our progress so far, in kicking off Healthy Planet at OCHIN.

Where We Are Now

We took our first big step on the Healthy Planet path this week by signing our contract amendment with Epic. The next task ahead is to begin our pre-installation checklist, a prerequisite Epic uses to determine the staffing for our implementation project support team. Epic will typically staff this team 90 days after contract signing, and so we anticipate launching our implementation project with Epic in September 2018. Meanwhile, we have been working on our training and staffing plan, another key aspect of the Healthy Planet implementation. This entails sending four OCHIN staff members to Epic’s headquarters in Verona, WI for training and certification. Of these staff, one recently completed his Healthy Planet training and is preparing for Healthy Planet certification; the remaining three staff (author included!) will take several trips to Wisconsin over the summer for training and certification. Having our staff trained in Healthy Planet before the implementation project with Epic starts is not only a prerequisite from Epic, but also an important advantage that allows us to hit the ground running this fall.

Where We’re Headed

In preparation for our project launch, we’ll be planning our tactical approach for implementing the various elements within Healthy Planet Core. This will include reviewing our current tools, resources, and infrastructure and determining which aspects of Healthy Planet to prioritize. Later, once our staff are certified and our implementation project kicks-off with Epic’s support team, we’ll be focused on conducting the Healthy Planet build within Epic itself.

We look forward to sharing more information in future newsletters about our progress on this exciting work. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Erin Barringer-Sterner, Director of Population Health & Analytics, with any questions or concerns.