OCHIN Focuses on Diabetes Care Improvement

by Joan Nelson and Arielle Goranson

How Can OCHIN Best Support Improving Health of Patients with Diabetes and Prediabetes?

That is the main question driving a new HCCN initiative led by Quality Metrics Program Manager Arielle Goranson, and Practice Coach Lead Joan Nelson, MPH, PA-C, with assistance from OCHIN’s newest OHSU Informatics fellow Aziz Alhomod, MD.

Initially, the team will focus on CMS122 Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c Poor Control.

An Interdisciplinary Approach: Design Thinking and Improvement Science

Leveraging the power of multidisciplinary brainstorming, design thinking, and improvement science methodology, OCHIN is collecting change ideas from across the collaborative that are suitable for rapid cycle testing.

This work encompasses aligning and re-purposing existing EHR tools, as well as piloting new ideas.

Findings from successful trials will be disseminated across the collaborative.

Get involved! Share a Change Idea or Host a Pilot Project

What change ideas have your organization discovered to improve this measure? Are there ideas you have implemented that improve the health of people living with diabetes more generally? Would you like to be a participating clinic site to pilot small tests of change? Contact Joan at nelsonj@ochin.org or Arielle at goransona@ochin.org.