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    Using Acuere to identify and correct documentation issues at the provider level played a major role in our transition to using 100% universal population numbers to report all UDS clinical measures. From 2015 to 2016, our child BMI numbers jumped 86%, adult BMI improved 174%, and colorectal screening went up 55%. We are extremely pleased with the improvement. Acuere has been a great tool in implementing system wide procedures with providers.
    Angela Mullins, Paula Doll, and Michelle Daniels, QI Team, Cincinnati Health Department, Cincinnati, OH

OCHIN is a nonprofit health care innovation center designed to provide knowledge solutions that promote quality, affordable health care for all.

Transforming health care to improve outcomes and reduce costs demands both innovation and collaboration. It takes individuals and communities working side-by-side to design relevant and reasonably priced information technology and data solutions that can be shared across the health care continuum. As a learning organization, our journey began with a commitment to provide health information technology support and services. Through our unique strategic partnerships with members, suppliers, and our expanding community, we’ve continued to learn and innovate as an organization and community; providing our members with the tools and voice needed to participate in the national health care landscape. Through quality customer service, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence, you have our commitment.

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